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    Conversations, Not Confrontations

    Type: Online Classroom
    Price: $10.00


    Unfortunately, today, even the most mundane topics of conversation such as the weather have a tendency to become confrontational, politically charged power struggles. More than ever, we live in a polarized and separated world.

    All the knowledge, wisdom and specialization in the world won’t matter if we can’t talk to one another and have the conversations we need to have. This course is intended to serve as a foundational, 90-minute course, where you can learn some practical conversational skills that you will be able to put to the test in your everyday and in every interaction.

    Imagine how you can transform your workplaces,homes and your communities by talking,by conversing and communicating without fearing conversations turning into confrontations. The only way to progress,move forward and thrive, is if we learn to talk.The goal is not to always agree, it is to listen and to respect one another,one conversation at a time.


    Program Modules:
    Part 1: A Conversational Mindset
    Part 2: Facilitating the Conversation
    Part 3: Defusing Confrontational Conversations
    Theme Components: Knowledge, Reflection, Action
    Program Format: Pre-Test, 3 Online Modules, Final Project
    Program Duration: About 90 minutes
    Cost: $10

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