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    Human Dignity Project - Language and Privilege

    Type: Online Classroom
    Price: $25.00


    This course explores how our core beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are informed and reinforced to create categories of stratification that lead to unequal opportunity and treatment. Participants will explore how  language works to shape and reinforce stereotypes and perpetuate discrimination. Becoming more aware of the ways in which ideas are communicated participants can unpack how individual acts contribute to social inequality and how one can actively promote inclusivity and equality. The next section aims to help participants understand privilege as a concept and to explore it within the context of one’s lived experience. Realizing one’s own privilege is vital to becoming a better citizen of the world, one who fosters real change and promotes equality. Becoming aware and conscious of one’s privilege when interacting with people of different social groups can lead to more respectful and productive personal interactions. Acknowledging and being sympathetic to the struggles of those without the same privileges are the most powerful precursors to social change.  ($25 individual registration fee)

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